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Carolina Mogollón

Colombia, Cartagena, 1998.

I’m a passionate tattoo artist . Over the past two years, I’ve been honing my craft under the guidance of Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio. My specialties include fine line, botanical, and micro-realism tattoos, where I strive to capture intricate details and natural beauty in every design.

With a background in traditional fine art and cutting-edge digital arts, I’m constantly innovating and refining my skills to offer clients personalized and captivating designs that go beyond traditional tattooing.

Beyond tattooing, I also serve as a dedicated studio manager, driven by my passion for the art of tattooing and my commitment to providing exceptional customer service. With a keen eye for talent, I’ve helped our studio thrive, creating a reputable and welcoming environment for both artists and clients. My goal is to ensure that every tattoo experience is memorable and safe for everyone involved.