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About Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio. A little more personal about its creators. We have the experience and an extraordinary team of artists.

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I am Alex and I represent the artistic and creative part of our business. The other part, the organizational and strategic one, is Javier, my business partner and great friend.

I contribute the artistic part and all my experience as a tattoo artist. Javier is pure pragmatism, he is able to carry out all the ideas for the business to work.

We are a great team, we are pleased to carry out this company together and everything we do, we do it for you.

Opinion as an experienced tattoo artist

My vision of the niche.

The modern world has inserted the tattoo as part of its culture and its works create trends that become fashions. Tattoo studios are spaces of daily assistance for those interested in recording their skin. Therefore, they are an irreversible part of life in cities.

We are in Miami, where there is great competition in the art of tattooing. The most important thing is to know how to go to the exact place where to carry out your idea. Backed by our experience and awards at tattoo events, our artists can carry it out with the utmost professional rigor.

The implementation of new working methods, innovative techniques and first-rate materials guarantee the quality of our work. We give special importance to the client and the environment. Our studios have been designed with contemporary, well-lit and clean environments. In this way we do that magic that is needed in artistic creation.

Why trust us

About Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio

More than 15 years guarantee us. We have our own process to create and implement all techniques in an innovative way. In other words, it is a creative, transparent and participatory model that culminates in the satisfaction of our clients.

Our team is made up of experienced artists, graduates of prestigious art schools. Many of them backed by multiple awards at monumental tattoo events. On the other hand, new artists are selected and trained and in this way, they are incorporated into our way of working.

The machinery, instruments and products we use are world class. Above all, they are directly backed by their producers, who provide us with licenses and guarantees of use. Consequently, this makes possible the quality and security of the services we offer.

A little more personal

about alex chiong tattoo studio

Both form a unique and extraordinary team

Alex Chiong


I’m from Havana. I graduated from thee San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in 2012.Since 2003 I started my work as a tattoo artist in Havana. A few years ago I came to live in Miami.

I am an entrepreneur and I like to face new challenges. My tastes include art and music and sharing with my friends at parties. I love nature and animals. While I breathe the fresh air and look at the sea, I meditate and think about my works. I also like to exercise and stay fit.

During the last years in Miami, I continued my career as a tattoo artist. I was part of prestigious tattoo studios. As I participated in many Tatuje events, therefore, I was able to win several important awards such as: “New York No limits 2016”, 2nd. Prize. After that, in 2017, I took the leap and created my own company. The most importantly, it has been to give my point of view on this art and mark my own seal within the competitive world in which I have inserted myself.

Javier Estrada


I am from Havana, I graduated in the specialty of directing and acting from the School of “Art Instructors” in Havana in 2005. For several years I have lived in Miami, where I have created my family. I am also a professional chef and hold an associate degree in “LE Cordon BLEU CULINARY ART SCHOOL” of Miami . One of my great passions is cooking, to which I dedicate part of my free time and fulfill my inspiration and creativity.

First of all, I am super organized, responsible and love the family environment. Also, I love art in general. And besides, I love to go on vacation and see new places. Sharing with my friends is another of my passions.

I have always liked facing new challenges. Since 2017 I started this wonderful project at Alex Chiong Tattoo Studio and my main objective has been to build a reliable and outstanding brand with exceptional customer service.

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