What to do before and after getting a tattoo.

We want to do a safe job with the best results. Here are our recommendations.

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Recommendations to follow before tattooing.

1. Take care of your personal hygiene. A shower before each session is highly recommended.

2. Sleep well and come rested.

3. Do not use alcohol or drugs, at least 24 hours before and 24 hours after tattooing.

4. Eat something before coming, it is not advisable to come on an empty stomach.

5. Do not put any type of anesthetic.

6. Come with healthy skin. Sunburn, redness, or irritation will not be acceptable.

Recommendations to follow after tattooing

1. Remove the plastic:
Remove after 3 to 4 hours and proceed to clean it. If you use SANIDERM, leave it for 4 days.

2. Do not touch it with dirty hands:
Every time you go to touch your tattoo, be sure to wash your hands and, do not allow others to touch it during the healing period.

3. Wash it well:
After removing the plastic, and preferably twice a day, wash the tattoo with warm water and a neutral soap, massage with your fingertips and rinse. Once the tattoo has been cleaned, wait until the skin is completely dry and apply the cream.

4. Promotes healing:
To prevent the area from drying out and / or becoming infected, apply the cream recommended by your tattoo artist for seven days after the tattoo.

5. Avoid wearing tight clothes:
During the healing period of the tattoo, which lasts 10 to 15 days approximately. It avoids the use of tight garments on the tattooed area.

6. Keep it moisturized:
After the first week with the recommended cream, use another dye-free and fragrance-free moisturizer.

7. Avoid the sun and damp places:
Avoid direct exposure to the sun or places with high humidity such as saunas, swimming pools or prolonged baths in the shower, as these can affect the final coloring of the tattoo, and could expose it to unnecessary infections.

8. Avoid doing exercises:
If you do exercise, wash your tattoo immediately after finishing your routine to prevent the sweat from coming in contact with the tattoo. Do not forget that it is a small wound and that the basis for its healing is hygiene.

9. Never remove scabs:
If some type of scab should form while the tattoo heals, under no circumstances should you detach it, since along with it you could take the pigment, causing the tattoo to look uneven.

10. Use sunscreen:
And from now on, avoid direct exposure to the sun, and if you have to do it try to cover the tattoo and use a sunscreen to prevent colors from vanishing.

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