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Piercing history

Piercing is the practice of piercing a part of the human body to insert earrings or other pieces of jewelry. These piercings are a form of bodily modification and reflect cultural, religious and spiritual values, as well as part of fashion, eroticism, personal tastes or identification with a subculture.

In western history, traditionally, women only had a single hole in the lower lobe of each ear from childhood for their entire lives, in order to wear earrings or earrings; however, in other cultures of the world, of antiquity and in the same western culture in the XXI century, several other parts of the body are also pierced in both sexes.

The different cultures of the world, sometimes unknown by western societies, are the cradle of this practice, the pierced, as a rite or sign of belonging to one or another tribe, or sometimes to indicate that a person is already mature.

The Eskimos are the ones who originally used the piercings named labrets, which in their world was practiced in young people who went from being children to responsible adults with qualities and attitudes and to go hunting with their elders. Another of the origins of body piercing is in the Mursi and Maasai tribes, specifically in the female population, who deform their oral cavity with discs to enlarge the mouth and lengthen their lobes by carrying large metal reels.

Currently, some tribes have inherited this practice from yesteryear. Potok warriors carry a labial disc in their mouth and pierce the nasal septum with a tree leaf. New Guinea women pierce the nostrils and septum with a herringbone, while men carry fish teeth in the septum. Tinglit women pierce their bodies as a sign of the passage from puberty to maturity in every way, but above all sexual

And formerly, the Sioux tribes, made the youth undergo a test consisting of piercing their chest with hooks hanging with ropes to a tree to lacerate the skin, thus demonstrating that they were prepared to be warriors.

The ancient Maya practiced piercing by piercing the lip, nose, and ears with the most expensive jewelry they could afford, and the Cashinawa Indians pierced their noses to insert colored feathers indicating their rank and maturity.

Types of piercings

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