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2 Locations in Maimi: North Miami and North Miami Beach.

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Tattoo Studio in Miami led by Alex Chiong.


We promote our services for you, who have a young lifestyle, you are a lover of the art of tattooing and piercing, you want to have professional and exclusive designs that represent you and express your emotions, stories, experiences, your lifestyle.

Our Tattoo Studio created by the artist himself, Alex Chiong, with more than 15 years of experience and backed by multiple awards in monumental tattoo events. It is an innovative project for the development of engraving on the human body. From a new point of view and a contemporary context.

We have a team of young artists, with academic training in art schools and many winners in recent tattoo events in the United States. Our unique style of attention and personalization with clients will make you live a unique experience. We work from your ideas, with your participation in the creation process. If you lack ideas, here we also provide them and design your tattoo especially for you.

These are our main services:


Creative and personalized designs for all tastes. We work different styles: Traditional, Color Realism, Black and Gray Realism, Watercolor, Tribal, New school, Japanese


We work all kinds of piercings: Tragus, Daith, Industrial, Orbital, Helix, Conch, Cartilage, Snug, Eyebrow, Labret, Earrings, Navel, Tongue, Nose, Lip piercing, Antitragus, Rook, and more.

Sale of garments:

Sale of a wide variety of piercing models of different styles and sizes.

Tattoo care products:

Sale of all kinds of tattoo care products (After Inked)

We show you below our Studios in North Miami and North Miami Beach, with a contemporary interior design concept where you will live a unique and comfortable experience. Visit us!

Walk in tattoo is also welcome.

Our Studios



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